Saturday, October 29, 2016

Thought of the day- Round Square?

  For the last couple of days, I've been working in Fayetteville out in the sticks. The roads have funny names out there, like the one I'm working on "Possum Hollow Road". Today, I think I found one that suits me greatly- Round Square Road. Funny at first thought isn't it? But after I pondered it a while, I thought I'd explain how I felt about such a name.

  I've felt like a round square for quite some time. Changes in my life bring that about easily. Most of them major changes. When the recession hit and we lost our house was a big one. When I went on Social Security was another. (I think it stinks I can only make so much to collect it. What are they thinking?) Wearing different vocational hats is a big one, especially since last summer when that changed, too, and I was told I wasn't good enough to fill one of those roles anymore. Sigh. Wanting to move back to Wyoming is a big one for me, but I can't talk the wife into that. And what about the fact that I just can't seem to finish my next book or get an agent for the previous six!?

  The reason I say that I have only felt like a round square is because the above are only symptoms of being one. The only way to be a round square, is to make yourself one. I'm working on that. How about you? Do you feel like a round square? Do you feel just "not right" and flirt with being a round square?

  This doesn't even mention all of the things that are going on in the world that make you feel "just not right". So ponder this thought, "Are we all round squares?" Are we on the road to being one?

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