Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I give up

  In the past, I decided that in order for me to publicize myself as an author, I needed to be on social media of some sort. I heard that Facebook was the going rage (about ten years ago), so I jumped on board and began to do just that- promote myself. I determined that it was to be the only reason I could justify for me to be there.

  It didn't work out quite that way. Along the journey, I found I gave up much of myself to the world. Many things that would only be shared with people in person in the past, were now out there for everyone and every entity was there to perused, poked at, and purveyed. In the beginning, I perceived that some things had to be shared in order for people to get to know me, what I wrote and where it came from. This led to me establishing a author's page, where I would post "author" type things that many people I didn't know would also get to know me.

  But, it was the people I met along the pathway that either brought me joy or dismay as we walked together on a page meant for friends. That is probably why I'm here to post this today. I'm not going to go into what really makes a true friend here, because you see plenty of inadequate memes on FB that try to define the term in just one sentence wholly incorrectly. What I want to merely state is why I pulled myself from the fray of friends that are not friends at all, just acquaintances, and sometimes hostile ones at that.

  Let me digress. Once in a while, I'd get upset by what someone would post, and throw a tantrum and remove my account. In FB terms, a childish, naive' thing to do. You are not a mature FB person if you do that. Then, there would be times I would post something of my own and it would be derided and I'd also get upset and do the same thing- again. Not a FB mature thing to do. I would also at times, profess my faith in like-minded Christian groups, be made to recant for what was deemed as almost theologically inadequate knowledge bordering on the heretical, and I would remove either the people involved from my friends list, or remove myself from the group, or both. Not a mature thing to do. And finally, at times I'd go through and delete people I had no idea who they were, just because I thought them to be- immature in some way, shape or form. Finally, what has bothered me the most about FB is this one thing- that the world and even many Christians have fallen for the lies of Satan in many subtle ways. That causes me the most pain and I hate to see it and can't - anymore. And if you are one of my old FB friends and are such a narcissist as to think I'm taking about you, you're wrong.

  However, I have now come to the conclusion my entire excursion onto FB has been a waste of time. It is not what I am giving up on. What I am giving up on is the promotion of myself as ever being a well known author. I know that I will never be so. Consequently, as the purpose of me being on FB was to become well known as an author so I could become published and "discovered", I have withdrawn myself from the FB site and a rather immature wasteful exercise. I will only post on FB again if I am discovered, (ha) and I'll let my "people" handle it.

  But, and this is a big but, I would not mind anyone sharing this blog from time to time on their FB page. Especially since I have finished the edit of the proof of my third book of the COTE series called, "The Keeper's Son". I hope to do the final items this weekend and have it on the selves at Amazon next week. I'll post the info on my website, when I'm ready.

  In the end, I've come the realization that it does not matter at all if I'm well known by the world for my writing, and I'm OK with what God has in mind for me. For me, that is something to be happy about.