Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Christian Life

 When I began the novel, "Curse of the Eraser", I intended it to be a reflection of Christian living. It is that for sure, but to market it as such has become problematic. I know why and that is because it is too, "Real". Let me explain.

  For those who are not Christians, they struggle with the everyday issues, too. For instance, alcohol and drug addictions, promiscuous sex, abortion, homosexuality, etc. These people compare their actions to those around them and an arbitrary scale that changes with the times and seasons. But for those of us who are Christian, we have a different scale we use and that is the Word of God.

  I wrote the book using realistic circumstances of the lives of everyday Christian people. People who struggle with all of the above and much more. People like David and Bathsheba, Cain and Able, Joseph and his brothers. People from the Word of God. The characters in "Curse of the Eraser" feel the trauma of sin just like these people of old and maybe even more so, now that the Christ has revealed the Kingdom to us. That all being said, I have been told that it would be difficult to market my work because it is too "worldly" for the Christian publishers and too "Christian" for the secular publishers. That's a difficult place to be in.

  This is what I've got to say about that: Tough! The Christian publishers need to pull their heads out of the sand and understand that people sin. The secular publishers need to know that we Christians live just like everybody else, except for this, we know the Savior. And because we know and love Him, we live our lives for Him and to His glory. And if we do sin we have and Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous One.

  So, if you ever do get to read "Curse of the Eraser" on your Nook or Kindle, paperback or hardbound, know this; you'll be reading the lives of real people in a daily struggle, just like everyone else. Sola Deo.