Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sometimes life Stinks!

  We all know this premise to be true- sometimes life does stink! As this author plugs his work to the masses of publishers, agents and unsuspecting guinea-pigs, I must profoundly state that at this moment, life does stink. Not one of my efforts to capture the attention of the elite of "agentry" has been effective. Not to mention the even more elusive of "publishdom".

  In any of the four books of the "Eraser" series, at times any of the Palmers could agree with me. Of course, they didn't think life stunk all of the time; they weren't like Ben Franklin- the consummate pessimist, expecting only the worst all the time. No, in fact they were captivated by the Gospel, living as the Word suggested Paul did- always content in the circumstances of the times of their lives. All of them- throughout the generations visited in these pages, they made the priority the living of life to the glory of the God the Pilgrims set to worship when they first arrived on the Fortune in Plymouth. They didn't let the fact that bad things happened affect the way they lived and they lived life to the fullest- even when life stunk.

  So, (and I hate to begin a sentence with "so", but it is the Minnesotan in me) I ask that you not only be convinced to someday soon read the pdf files of the series, but to pray it be published and if you like it- let your friends know all about it. If you already have read them, then I thank you for making my life not stink!  :>)