Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July Reflections

    When I originally began this blog, I intended it to be for people curious about my work as a writer. For a while, as I had no other outlets for people to get to know it, I  posted a monthly blog. After getting on FB with many other ways to post about the series called Curse of the Eraser and my first book The Baker and Malachi, I found that coming to blog here was a chore and one in which I was less than inspired to complete. Therefore, the lack of blogs the last few months. Consequently, on this fourth of July, I intend to change how I approach the matter and only blog here when I feel like talking about something- anything. And here I am free- to do anything I want.  

   When I spoke of FB, I spoke of a means to an end. That's right, I've learned a great deal since I've had a presence on FB. Much of it good, in sites where I share my passions of History, fishing, Jesus, and yes, writing. The last thing, writing, is the only reason I am on FB. Oh, I've met a great many lovely people there, some not so lovely, and have become re-acquainted with many old friends. However, as Big Brother and the rest of the world can see my every move, I'm not so thrilled in being there. But to me, that is not the primary reason I'm disturbed about having an account there. What makes me sad is the division I see.

    On this fourth of July, these divisions are briefly, somewhat, suspended. Many people use the day to promote those things that they wish to rant on about every other day. Some people use it to show that their way of being patriotic is the only way to be- patriotic. Sigh. All, it would seem, hate war. All crave for peace. All, as well, want the hungry to be fed. All wish for equality, rights, and good health. What we are divided on is- how to achieve those goals in a fallen world. It has to be our way or it won't work.

    In this craving comes an almost maniacal loss of respect for others. Why do I say this? Because, if you look around, people don't care what anyone else thinks anymore. They say, "Well, that's just your opinion" and dismiss the entire thing. I find that to be, in a society such as the American Experience, appalling. When you have lost respect for other peoples' ideas, thoughts and opinions, then they are, in the minds of these narcissistic maniacs- worthless. That is disconcerting, to say the least. Because when that happens, tyranny is just around the corner.  

   Ah, good old tyranny. The Founding Fathers, with whom I have a love/hate relationship with, sat out to free themselves from that menace called tyranny. You can say it was because they did it for their own financial gain, or many other reasons that would benefit them, but in reality, it was to be what I mentioned at the beginning of the blog- to be free. Underneath all the trappings of this modern day world we live in, we desire that more than anything- freedom. And it is just that underlying urge which makes us leery of anyone that would snatch it away under guise of something else. Fish are easily caught with a good bait. Sheep can be led away by a wolf in sheep's clothing. And so, in the land of the free, we are becoming more divided, because we trust less in those that lead.

   I wonder if the American people felt that way back in 1776? Who do you follow? The Tories or these new patriots that wanted to do it another way? Isn't there a certain freedom in following a King? It must have been a very hard thing to go to war, lose your property, family or life. And what for? To be able to do it your way? No, it was to know that at the end of the day of God given toil, that you may be able to sit at your table to enjoy those things God provided and you labored for; to know that you could do so in peace and quietness; and to do so with your thanksgiving to He who gave it. On the one hand they could follow the King. On the other, they could go to war. On this day, they chose- war. That's what happens when people become divided on how to do things.

   It took a few years for this to happen. Tensions built. The Brits exercised their authority. But it didn't take long for the bubble to burst and war to occur. Today, I see it happening again like a different war- our own civil war. But I pray that not occur again. We have too many other enemies to worry about than to fight with our own. For this notion, we should be ashamed with ourselves. We need to concentrate on who the real enemies are. Because like sheep, we are being led to slaughter...