Thursday, August 15, 2013

"What's Luck got to do, got to do with it?"

  You're probably thinking I made a mistake with the title of this blog. At first glance the Tina Turner song probably came to mind- right? "What's love got to do with it?" Actually, both the title of the blog and the title of the song are correct.

  I don't believe in luck. Nor- karma. Nor- "what goes around comes around". Of course, when it comes to actions and the results thereof, we get what we deserve. When I decide that I want to eat candy all of the time instead of salads, I know I'm gonna put on a few pounds instead of lose a few. But there is no karma or luck involved in that at all. And I believe that to be true with everything else involved in life, too, because of my Christian faith and who really sustains me and us all.

  Luck implies that forces other than ourselves are in charge of our situation. I can't believe that anyone other than God has influence on a cosmic level on things of the earth. The only other entity that could have that kind of influence would be Satan, but he is merely being held in check by God the creator of all. He has no ultimate power over any of us, just is able to play with us if God allows. However, add into that mix a God who loves all mankind and especially those that follow His Son, then there is no such thing as luck at all, because He gives all of mankind equally those things that sustains us. We receive from Him as He wills and as we ask and believe. Sometimes we receive all we ask for, sometimes what we need, and sometimes not at all, not based on Gods' whim, but on His will for us in His divine plan.

  Sometimes, when we do not receive, it is only the evil desires of men that would rob us of those things that are good and thus bring evil upon us. Therefore, we would be victims of evil, and there would be no luck involved in that at all. And not the will of God either, especially if it is a member of the Bride of Christ, whom He loves as pardoned sinners. And when we receive things that are terrible in our sight, it is hard to accept, but ultimately it is His will, because it was part of the overall plan and the evil in other men. But there is no luck involved in that at all either.

  There have been some people who have wished me "good luck" with my book and the book project. While I know that to be a wish for success for me, and I do appreciate it, there is no luck involved in the process at all. As a Christian, I know it is God's will that the book was to be written, because it exists. Now whether it does well or not, that is something else, but not what matters. What matters is if I have done what God has purposed for my life. I believe I have, as the book, "The Baker and Malachi" exists and the people that have read it have enjoyed it. Whether I get personal satisfaction or success from that matters not either, for I have only done what God has purposed and there is no luck involved in that.  

  Then there comes the "love" part. The Tina Turner part that says, "What's love got to do with it?" I believe- everything. If the book is to be successful in the eyes of others, (you may surmise from what you've read I think it already is successful) then it is all do to just that- love. If people love the message, love the work, love whatever they want to about it, but especially love- me, then it will be successful in the eyes of men. There is no luck involve in that at all. It's all about love.

  Hopefully, you'll all prove me right about this, too. :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My First Book

  Up until today, I had tried to keep from posting anything but COTE (Curse of the Eraser) related blogs here on Eraser Blogger. But, this event is just too big, too exciting, too mind-blowing for me to not share with you. Today, I received a proof copy of my soon to be released book, The Baker and Malachi.

  Only other authors know how this feels. To have in your hands a fresh copy, printed on actual paper, with a cover that you helped design and imagine. Ah- the smell of ink on paper and the smooth shiny glimmer of your name on the bottom corner of the cover. Actually, I never thought it would happen.

  Years ago, I read a book by Paul Maccabee called, "John Dillinger slept here". A wonderful compilation of little known actual historical events, he certainly did his homework and impressed me so much, I felt inspired to pick up the keyboard and put something down on paper myself. It was just a story. A funny little tale of the things I like myself- donuts, history and St. Paul. So, I went with it.

  I gave The Baker and Malachi to a friend of mine with a degree in journalism. I think I must have bugged her enough to read it, but when she finally did finish, she liked it. She said I should keep writing. At first, I didn't take her seriously, but then I thought, 'Why not?' After a couple of years, I hammered out COTE.

   But, let me digress. I never thought I'd ever publish anything, especially in the current publishing environment. Everyone I showed COTE gave me a thumbs-down. (I will publish it. I'm determined to get out the whole of the four book series!) So I said to myself, 'Self, you need to back track and publish that cute little story you started with.' Thanks to the two Susans that have encouraged me, that is what I hold in my hands. Susan Anderson and Susan Catalano- I thank you.