Sunday, December 16, 2012

Joy to the World?

  Today at church, we lit the pink candle on the Advent wreath. For those who are familiar with the practice, you have experienced Joy with me as we await the coming King this year. For those of you who don't know what any of that means, the pink candle signifies the Joy of Christmas as Christians all over the world together celebrate the Joy of the coming of the Savior- the first time.

  But as I look at the world today and bring to mind the events of the past year, there is little joy. The year 2012 seems to be one of foreboding. Many things have and are happening that are, not only unusual, but seemingly disasterous in nature. People see these and it seems have come to realize that the world is changing and the fact is- they are not joyful about them at all, but fearful of them. What is perceived is a world falling apart, spiralling downwards, with nothing meaning anything it did before, and if it did, it was only what you thought it meant, or I, or they, or whomever. There is no longer absolute truth to them- whatever that was...

  People are not stupid. Maybe I am for having blind faith, and don't tell my pastor I said that, but from what I see, they now hold little as "truth" in their lives. They believe nothing or no one. Little joy can come of that and as the year comes to an end with the predicted "end of the world as we know it", many have given up hope. With that comes little joy.

  So, there is little joy. Personally, I have experienced it this year in spades. I have had little joy in my life for a long time now. On this earth, my wife is the only person who gives me joy, peace and love. But, I am reminded of the love of God for me, the only real truth in my life- the Word of God, and the love of He who came the first time. So, there is great Joy in my heart from that as I await the Savior when He comes this year.

  Maybe now we know what it feels like when everything has been torn down around us and out of necessity must rely on the fabled God of Christianity. I hope many return to Him and many come to Him before the end. Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Unmentionables


  Previously this year, I wrote a blog about the Pilgrims. Of course I focused on the Palmers and how their name means "Pilgrim". The purpose of this blog is not to talk about what we call "unmentionables" or underwear. No, it is to speak of what the historians try to convince you all of about the first Thanksgiving- that it was a feast.

  The first Thanksgiving of 1621 was miserable. I know, because I was there. (Just seeing if you are paying attention.)  The first crops in the colony did not fare well. The biggest problem was that no one wanted to work. That's right. The first pilgrims were not willing to do all the work and give the proceeds thereof to their neighbors. I know what you are thinking, "What do you mean?" Well, the colony was set up a socialist society. Did you know that? The young were the most able bodied to get out and do the work, but because they didn't get to keep what they worked for- they didn't want to work! Duh!

  Does this sound familiar? Sounds like some contemporary issues we are facing doesn't it? When the leaders saw what was happening, they, in the next year or so, decided that maybe that form of government wouldn't quite work. That first year many people died from starvation and disease. I wonder why? Consequently after the change, the following two growing seasons were nothing like the first. There was an abundance of produce, all because the leaders granted the rights to property, commerce, and the right to keep what they produced. Suddenly trade was flourishing, all because they had an abundance and most importantly- socialism had failed and was now replaced with free enterprise.

  The years of 1622 and 1623 were a Thanksgiving to celebrate. And indeed you know the rest of that  story. And as the Pilgrims did that year- Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

 Happy Thanksgiving.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Christian Erotica?

  Today I took the time to read my first book of the series, Curse of the Eraser, and part of the second book, The Keeper. It has been a while since I've looked at them and I must say that I did this on purpose in order to remove myself from the familiarity of them. That plan was somewhat successful, in that I found more editing mistakes on my part and some things I'd like to change.

  I also saw this- Christian erotica! Before I go any further, I have to tell you that these books are far from porn. In the minds of those that have read them I doubt that they even thought that what they saw was much to care about at all. But, I must say that to some of my prudish friends and associates- this might be more than they could handle, with old ladies fainting and theologians bringing the wrath of God down upon me.

  I wondered if there is such a classification as Christian erotica. And then I reminded myself of another love story- The Song of Solomon. Trust me- there is no way on God's green earth that my writing compares to this perfect story told in God's Word. There is no comparison with it and I pale in comparison to His unlimited perfect ability.

  His story of Himself and the bride, His people, is the ultimate love story. What is conveyed is a longing of a couple in love with beautiful imagery along the way. It also wrestles with the tension between the beauty and sensuality of the human body and the wisdom of reserving such for marriage and genuine love- all those things which I tried to convey as well in the first two books. I hope I have succeeded as well as my Creator, but I know I have not. Thus, I know I will be asked to change some of it someday, much to the loss of you all.

  The story of Larkin and Sally's love for one another is one I envy. Hopefully, one day He will bless me in it.



Saturday, August 4, 2012

Table Talk

  Last evening, a friend that had read the first two books of the series was at a get together my wife and I attended. I asked her how she liked them. She was honest and said she felt there was too much "potty humor" and too many times they sat at the kitchen table together at mealtime.

  I explained the former by saying that as a plumber I could not resist and that I had trimmed that back a bit and edited some of it out. But the latter thing, the "table talk" thing, I tried to explain that I emphasized it and included so much because we have lost that art as families. We no longer do that and we lose an important thing- knowing one another.

  Before I shared much of that however, we were called to the table for the meal. They kindly asked me to lead the prayer (as all were members of our church and I am head elder and Deacon there) to which I heartily agreed. I have to say, the hostess put on a feast out of common fare- burgers, brats, beans, corn, salad, etc., and to top it off a great crumble apple pie- at least that's what she called it. And during the entire meal we talked about family, relationships, politics, religion and -life.

  Afterwards, I said to her, "What we just experienced- that- is what I tried to convey in Curse of the Eraser. That- is the lost art I want to warn everyone not to lose completely. I want them to say when they read it, "I miss that. Why don't we do that anymore?" For you see, in these days we work late, watch TV, take our food to our rooms, or just eat before we get home and we lose one of the most important things we need- table talk.

Saturday, June 30, 2012


  It is almost the fourth of July- the celebration of the genesis of our country- the land of the free and home of the brave. It used to be that way. When you speak with people of the "Greatest Generation", they will tell you this is not the America they grew up in. They notice a change. A significant change, where somehow freedom and bravery are non-existant. Because, the two go together.

  The problem is- no one wants to talk about it. The subject has been branded too political. Why? Because in order to be free one must be brave. Brave enough to speak out about what is true. The question is- what is truth? That is why no one is talking about it. The fact that today in our politically correct world- everything is true. Your truth is just as valid as my truth. There is no ultimate truth, because God has been removed from the equation. His truth, ultimate truth, no longer counts. When men no longer are brave enough to speak out for what they know to be true in God's word- everything changes. They are no longer free- bound by slavery to a system created by those that have been brave enough to spread the lie. The lie of Satan.

  What is that you might ask? This lie of Satan? Quite simply, it is the opposite of whatever God's Word says. The contrast is black and white, but brought in by shades of grey that have felled what was once our great land. The lie starts as something little, spreading ominously as somerthing we raise our eyebrows as and dismiss as inconsequential. But it is not. It matters, because like cancer it will spread and finally- kill. That is why men won't talk about it. That is why men are no longer brave. That is why we are no longer -free.

  The Palmers realized this way back in 1792 when they settled on the land in Madison County, New York. That- men must be brave and speak to the truth of the gospel. That brave men must put on the armor of God and repel that lie of Satan and those that follow him or all will be lost- our freedom will be lost. In Curse of the Eraser, these brave pilgrims knew the truth and what must be done to continue to be free. They were thankful to God and expressed it in their devotion to His truth, bravely defending their families, their freedoms and their country. Ironically, all being accomplished with the weapon of the Eraser- once meant to curse them. And they stuck it out until the end.

  Where have all the brave men gone? Ask the "Greatest Generation". They don't know either.   


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Secure Fathers

  Looking back, I know that I have been influenced by many people- fathers especially. There have been few that have been a positive role model. Sadly, most of the men have been just the opposite and models that I have said, "I don't want to be like that when I grow up." Fortunately, I have not grown up and when I first meet someone, I still look at the man's character to see if he is the kind of person I want to be around. I won't list those qualities. You can figure it out yourself. You know. You can see it instantly. Its why Jesus was so popular and why the crowds followed Him.

  Not to say that we men can be perfect like Jesus. We can't. We are all sinners. We never seem to grow up- no matter what our age is. That's the problem today. It seems the paths that Jesus has placed us on have somehow been sidetracked and lead to one place- self. And if I see a man that has arrived at the end of that path- I know I will have difficulty being around him. Not to say I couldn't try to be his friend, but it would take more effort. For usually men become secure in whatever path they find themselves on, even if it is one that leads them the wrong way, only because they feel good there, secure there.

  But is that where Christ would want us to end up? I'd say- NOT! He wants us to be like Him. To be compassionate, yet firm, with love and respect for our wives, sons and daughters. Most of all to be humble and loving as Christ loved us. This path leads to security- to Him. And it is this kind of man and father that I see as a positive role model. It is one model this man has tried to be, even though I have failed in it and am a sinner. It is the type of man I have tried to portray as the patriarch in each of my Curse of the Eraser series of four books. Fathers that are not secure in the world and its goods, but fathers secure in the love of their families and most of all, secure in the love of Christ.

  Maybe that is best left to fiction like Ward and June Cleaver, or is it?    


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

  Waiting -

  For those of you that don't know me, I'm a Christian. You've probably gathered that much from my posts, but not necessarily. I have found that I, too, have gleaned information about the nature and makeup of people from their writings. An example of this would be Paul, the New Testament, Paul.

  For one thing- Paul waited. And while he waited, he changed radically. Upon his conversion, he suddenly became a believer in Christ- the most radical of his earthly changes, I suspect. Secondly, he went from being an evil man, a man known as a wolf, about to devour the new herds of Christian sheep now scattered throughout the know world of his time. Finally, he became a warrior, a sheep dog type, molded and shaped by the Savior who he now claimed, so that he would now protect the sheep he had once tried to decimate.

  Change then, became the focus for the rest of his life. Not of himself, as he waited to die in his Roman prison, but the change of others. He wrote of becoming that warrior, putting on the whole armor of God, taking up the sword, and proclaiming the Gospel in times of earthly struggle.

  This is how we sheep wait. We have learned much from Paul. Spiritually, we wait strong in the Word of God, so that none of us would be slain by the evil one and lose that which the Lord has secured for us. But in the realms of the earth, as we struggle with forces we cannot control in the flesh, we have a choice. To be sheep or to be the sheepdog.

  In book three, "The Keeper's Son", the protagonist, Junior Palmer, will be forced by circumstances beyond the control of anyone to become the sheepdog- the protector of the flock. A role all of us men must be cognisant of in these perilous times. These times of waiting for the return of Jesus, the keeper of the sheep. And while the Palmer family waited as well for this promised return, evil forces, evil men, scattered the sheep and preyed upon their lack of knowledge and skill in survival in war. You can guess the outcome, but you'll have to read the book!

  The Palmers, Paul, and all of the saints throughout time- wait. And the picture, is the Palmer family graveyard in Brookfield.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sometimes life Stinks!

  We all know this premise to be true- sometimes life does stink! As this author plugs his work to the masses of publishers, agents and unsuspecting guinea-pigs, I must profoundly state that at this moment, life does stink. Not one of my efforts to capture the attention of the elite of "agentry" has been effective. Not to mention the even more elusive of "publishdom".

  In any of the four books of the "Eraser" series, at times any of the Palmers could agree with me. Of course, they didn't think life stunk all of the time; they weren't like Ben Franklin- the consummate pessimist, expecting only the worst all the time. No, in fact they were captivated by the Gospel, living as the Word suggested Paul did- always content in the circumstances of the times of their lives. All of them- throughout the generations visited in these pages, they made the priority the living of life to the glory of the God the Pilgrims set to worship when they first arrived on the Fortune in Plymouth. They didn't let the fact that bad things happened affect the way they lived and they lived life to the fullest- even when life stunk.

  So, (and I hate to begin a sentence with "so", but it is the Minnesotan in me) I ask that you not only be convinced to someday soon read the pdf files of the series, but to pray it be published and if you like it- let your friends know all about it. If you already have read them, then I thank you for making my life not stink!  :>)

Monday, February 20, 2012

In whom or what do you place your trust?

  Lately on the news, there has been much discussion about our freedoms in many areas of the American landscape. The right to "chose" many things in our lives like, what insurance we have, what religious beliefs we wish to follow, what person to vote for, are all those things that we think are our right to do without government intrusion. At least for some of us Americans. For others, some wish to place their trust totally and entirely in the government for almost everything, thus becoming ideological slaves to an ever changing entity that may not have the best interests for them at heart.

  In the Curse of the Eraser series, the Palmer family have always placed their trust in what the Founding Fathers adhered to- God. After reading the books, some would say that this was out of necessity and others, because of choice. What is evident, is that they were placed in their position by "them" through the curse. Isn't it odd how God draws people to Him? Sometimes then, therefore, curses are blessings. Cursed to follow God is, indeed, a rare occurrence. But for these Pilgrims, the only way to live life, trusting in a benevolent God to keep them safe, provide for them, and secure them eternal life by salvation in His Son. Were they forced then to do this? No, it was of their own natural volition, a divine plan, and one of- faith.

  What is the difference then? Between faith and trust? Trust for the most part requires something tangible. Faith, requires nothing of the sort. It is blind. As Hebrews eleven states;  "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." That is the kind of trust and faith the Palmers of Madison County posses. Trust that the Lord provides for them in mighty ways because of what they see and faith that He will continue to do so- no matter what happens to them. This all- not because of the curse of a mason, but because of the curse of a man- Adam. Because of the curse of sin, the Palmers knew they could never do what was required of them according to the laws of God. They relied on the fact that their ancestors brought them to the one and only possible solution to both curses- their trust and faith- in Christ. No matter what happened to them, that was what, no- whom they placed their trust in.

  Whom or what do you place your trust in? Where is your faith? In the tangable or in that which you cannot see? 

Monday, January 30, 2012

What will I be when I grow up?

    What will I be when I grow up? As children that seems to be the eternal question. For the protagonists in the Curse of the Eraser" series, this question never really comes to mind. By the time they are ten years old, they already know the answer to the question. Sure it is that they will be farmers, tenders of livestock, and arborists in the realm of this world. I say it never comes to mind because, first and foremost, they are Keepers- of The Eraser. It was a role that cold not be dismissed, nor changed in any way. It was an impossibility, due to the curse, and if anyone tried to change it they would suffer consequences. Those being- life or death.

   However, in the heavenly realms, the world of the spirit, the church universal, each of them will always be- sinners. When life is lived amongst those whom you love, insulated in the community of faith, protected by the heavenly hosts, it seems easier to remain in harmony within that community. But when the two worlds collide, it becomes ever more difficult to retain that peace and harmony only God can give, especially when there is an Eraser involved.

   As each generation of Palmers grew it was easy for the parents to see whether the apprentice Keepers would be able to handle the coming job at hand; if they would use it properly; if they would fear it, hate it, and not use it in evil. The entire life of the Keeper was therefore dedicated to learning how to follow the tennets of God and use the Eraser wisely. Because even though they may grow up to be excellent Keepers, they would always like the generations before them be- sinners.   

   It gives the phrase "What will I be when I grow up" a whole different meaning. We are always sinners, even when we grow up.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


  Here we are in the new year- 2012. I wonder what will happen? Will everything on God's green earth remain the same like so many years before or will this be as the Mayans possibly thought- the end of time? Either way, I am content, because as a Pilgrim on this globe, I am blessed. Blessed to live in a time where the Gospel is heard in more places than ever and blessed to possibly someday see the culmination of God's divine purpose with the return of His Son in glory.

  So, here we are in a new year. When I began writing the "Curse of the Eraser" series, I never dreamed that it would be four books long. I've found that it takes time to complete a train of thought; to finish what you've started. Book four finally does that. It began with a different title. It was first called, "The Keepers" after the two protagonists. But after looking at how the book and series would finally come to a close, another title seemed more appropriate, more profound.

  "The Pilgrim's", which the Palmer name means, speaks of the a new era, a new time of sojourn for the Palmers, who had moved on to a better place in coming to the New World, so long ago. Therefore, they were not new to change, for things always changed for them. The curse made change necessary in their lives and the lives of those they touched. Which road would they travel? Would they take the path to destruction or the road to eternal life? Would the curse ever be broken?

  To give you an update then, I am currently editing the entire series to the best of my ability and then, it will be time to send out mass mailings to push the series. Now is the time. Now is the New Year. I, like so many coming to this New World am faced with something new. A new frontier that must be traversed in order that the "Curse" should be known. God be with us all this 2012.