Monday, February 20, 2012

In whom or what do you place your trust?

  Lately on the news, there has been much discussion about our freedoms in many areas of the American landscape. The right to "chose" many things in our lives like, what insurance we have, what religious beliefs we wish to follow, what person to vote for, are all those things that we think are our right to do without government intrusion. At least for some of us Americans. For others, some wish to place their trust totally and entirely in the government for almost everything, thus becoming ideological slaves to an ever changing entity that may not have the best interests for them at heart.

  In the Curse of the Eraser series, the Palmer family have always placed their trust in what the Founding Fathers adhered to- God. After reading the books, some would say that this was out of necessity and others, because of choice. What is evident, is that they were placed in their position by "them" through the curse. Isn't it odd how God draws people to Him? Sometimes then, therefore, curses are blessings. Cursed to follow God is, indeed, a rare occurrence. But for these Pilgrims, the only way to live life, trusting in a benevolent God to keep them safe, provide for them, and secure them eternal life by salvation in His Son. Were they forced then to do this? No, it was of their own natural volition, a divine plan, and one of- faith.

  What is the difference then? Between faith and trust? Trust for the most part requires something tangible. Faith, requires nothing of the sort. It is blind. As Hebrews eleven states;  "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." That is the kind of trust and faith the Palmers of Madison County posses. Trust that the Lord provides for them in mighty ways because of what they see and faith that He will continue to do so- no matter what happens to them. This all- not because of the curse of a mason, but because of the curse of a man- Adam. Because of the curse of sin, the Palmers knew they could never do what was required of them according to the laws of God. They relied on the fact that their ancestors brought them to the one and only possible solution to both curses- their trust and faith- in Christ. No matter what happened to them, that was what, no- whom they placed their trust in.

  Whom or what do you place your trust in? Where is your faith? In the tangable or in that which you cannot see?