Sunday, November 6, 2016

Thought of the Day- Leaf stomping

  Actually, I've thought about this for a few days now, people posting beautiful pictures of the trees and leaves of all kinds. I truly enjoy the maples from up north. Sure miss that, but it is the fallen leaves that bring about this thought. Yes, the fallen, much like men at the end of life; crumpled and used up, spent and dried to the core.
  You know they (scientists) say that there are about as many people alive today, as the total of people that ever walked the earth- combined. It reminded me of the leaves all over the ground, each one a soul let loose to go to which it came. The piles of them in my yard almost seems like billions and I have not raked them as yet and I may not, because this dried out old man hurts too much to rake.
  But to get to the point, the other day as I drove home from work on a country road in the county, a man's tire fell off his trailer and he was stopped in the middle of the road, trailer sitting on the pavement. He didn't know that his tire had gone into the ditch and the hot metal that accompanied it there. Unfortunately, it had started a fire in the leaves under the trees. It has been dry here, and the conditions for fire are high. The man driving in front of me went past the guy and his trailer and so did I, because we both saw the fire. He pulled ahead and stopped in the road and I pulled to the side. Neither of us had a shovel or fire extinguishers. We had our- feet. He took one side of the fire and I the other, and we stomped the best we could, but after a couple of minutes he pulled out his phone and called the fire department. It was a hopeless situation. We could not put out the fire and the wind started to blow.
  It was after I got home that I began to think of all of those leaves, like dead men scattered to the side of life, unable to get out of the way of the path of the fire. Lost and doomed. Billions of them unable to be saved. I went to my Bible and did a word study after that on leaves. Not much there except one verse that mentions or compares us and our efforts to dry leaves- Isa. 64:6. I even got out my long lost Strong's concordance, but found the same thing. We as men, unless saved from the fires that we put ourselves into, have just one result to expect if we try to save ourselves- to be burned up like billions of others that have not heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  I place myself into the fire like that only to share with you today. I came home with burn holes in my tennis shoes and the stench of fire in my clothes. I'm just a man. Give yourselves to God; the One that can save you.
  By the way, the firefighter, yes, one single man with a truck properly equipped to save, got the fire out in less than an hour. Think on that today. Peace to you all.