Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's hard to be prophetic.

  In the Old Testament, the standards for prophets were rigid. Basically, get it wrong- the prophet dies. Today, those standards have been modified a tinsy bit, much to the delight of modern day self -proclaimed prophets. No death for all those who predict things, such as, the end of the world, or the return of Christ. They and their followers merely fade away until such time as they try to do it again.

  In "The Curse of the Eraser", the thin thread of the progression of the New World Order is there, woven into the fabric of the story of a family determined to keep it from happening. The story is not prophetic in the least, but let me say this, it hints at what is to come in the coming series. Yes, that's right, I predict there will be a series of books in the saga including somewhat prophetic insights into the New World Order. I can say that with confidence because I am now not on the second book, but on the third. That's right, due to the recommendations of a friend who holds a degree in English and has taught at the college level, I am seriously considering making my first manuscript two works instead of one, only because of the current market's demands. I will split it up if a publisher finds that more palatable, but if I determine to self publish, I will do it as one. Either way, the story will be told and I will be ready.

  So if you're looking forward to seeing why the New World Order has been subjugated until this time and how it will turn out, I urge you to help me find a publisher or the $$ to self publish. Until then know this; It's all about the Eraser.