Wednesday, May 9, 2012

  Waiting -

  For those of you that don't know me, I'm a Christian. You've probably gathered that much from my posts, but not necessarily. I have found that I, too, have gleaned information about the nature and makeup of people from their writings. An example of this would be Paul, the New Testament, Paul.

  For one thing- Paul waited. And while he waited, he changed radically. Upon his conversion, he suddenly became a believer in Christ- the most radical of his earthly changes, I suspect. Secondly, he went from being an evil man, a man known as a wolf, about to devour the new herds of Christian sheep now scattered throughout the know world of his time. Finally, he became a warrior, a sheep dog type, molded and shaped by the Savior who he now claimed, so that he would now protect the sheep he had once tried to decimate.

  Change then, became the focus for the rest of his life. Not of himself, as he waited to die in his Roman prison, but the change of others. He wrote of becoming that warrior, putting on the whole armor of God, taking up the sword, and proclaiming the Gospel in times of earthly struggle.

  This is how we sheep wait. We have learned much from Paul. Spiritually, we wait strong in the Word of God, so that none of us would be slain by the evil one and lose that which the Lord has secured for us. But in the realms of the earth, as we struggle with forces we cannot control in the flesh, we have a choice. To be sheep or to be the sheepdog.

  In book three, "The Keeper's Son", the protagonist, Junior Palmer, will be forced by circumstances beyond the control of anyone to become the sheepdog- the protector of the flock. A role all of us men must be cognisant of in these perilous times. These times of waiting for the return of Jesus, the keeper of the sheep. And while the Palmer family waited as well for this promised return, evil forces, evil men, scattered the sheep and preyed upon their lack of knowledge and skill in survival in war. You can guess the outcome, but you'll have to read the book!

  The Palmers, Paul, and all of the saints throughout time- wait. And the picture, is the Palmer family graveyard in Brookfield.