Monday, January 30, 2012

What will I be when I grow up?

    What will I be when I grow up? As children that seems to be the eternal question. For the protagonists in the Curse of the Eraser" series, this question never really comes to mind. By the time they are ten years old, they already know the answer to the question. Sure it is that they will be farmers, tenders of livestock, and arborists in the realm of this world. I say it never comes to mind because, first and foremost, they are Keepers- of The Eraser. It was a role that cold not be dismissed, nor changed in any way. It was an impossibility, due to the curse, and if anyone tried to change it they would suffer consequences. Those being- life or death.

   However, in the heavenly realms, the world of the spirit, the church universal, each of them will always be- sinners. When life is lived amongst those whom you love, insulated in the community of faith, protected by the heavenly hosts, it seems easier to remain in harmony within that community. But when the two worlds collide, it becomes ever more difficult to retain that peace and harmony only God can give, especially when there is an Eraser involved.

   As each generation of Palmers grew it was easy for the parents to see whether the apprentice Keepers would be able to handle the coming job at hand; if they would use it properly; if they would fear it, hate it, and not use it in evil. The entire life of the Keeper was therefore dedicated to learning how to follow the tennets of God and use the Eraser wisely. Because even though they may grow up to be excellent Keepers, they would always like the generations before them be- sinners.   

   It gives the phrase "What will I be when I grow up" a whole different meaning. We are always sinners, even when we grow up.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


  Here we are in the new year- 2012. I wonder what will happen? Will everything on God's green earth remain the same like so many years before or will this be as the Mayans possibly thought- the end of time? Either way, I am content, because as a Pilgrim on this globe, I am blessed. Blessed to live in a time where the Gospel is heard in more places than ever and blessed to possibly someday see the culmination of God's divine purpose with the return of His Son in glory.

  So, here we are in a new year. When I began writing the "Curse of the Eraser" series, I never dreamed that it would be four books long. I've found that it takes time to complete a train of thought; to finish what you've started. Book four finally does that. It began with a different title. It was first called, "The Keepers" after the two protagonists. But after looking at how the book and series would finally come to a close, another title seemed more appropriate, more profound.

  "The Pilgrim's", which the Palmer name means, speaks of the a new era, a new time of sojourn for the Palmers, who had moved on to a better place in coming to the New World, so long ago. Therefore, they were not new to change, for things always changed for them. The curse made change necessary in their lives and the lives of those they touched. Which road would they travel? Would they take the path to destruction or the road to eternal life? Would the curse ever be broken?

  To give you an update then, I am currently editing the entire series to the best of my ability and then, it will be time to send out mass mailings to push the series. Now is the time. Now is the New Year. I, like so many coming to this New World am faced with something new. A new frontier that must be traversed in order that the "Curse" should be known. God be with us all this 2012.