Saturday, August 4, 2012

Table Talk

  Last evening, a friend that had read the first two books of the series was at a get together my wife and I attended. I asked her how she liked them. She was honest and said she felt there was too much "potty humor" and too many times they sat at the kitchen table together at mealtime.

  I explained the former by saying that as a plumber I could not resist and that I had trimmed that back a bit and edited some of it out. But the latter thing, the "table talk" thing, I tried to explain that I emphasized it and included so much because we have lost that art as families. We no longer do that and we lose an important thing- knowing one another.

  Before I shared much of that however, we were called to the table for the meal. They kindly asked me to lead the prayer (as all were members of our church and I am head elder and Deacon there) to which I heartily agreed. I have to say, the hostess put on a feast out of common fare- burgers, brats, beans, corn, salad, etc., and to top it off a great crumble apple pie- at least that's what she called it. And during the entire meal we talked about family, relationships, politics, religion and -life.

  Afterwards, I said to her, "What we just experienced- that- is what I tried to convey in Curse of the Eraser. That- is the lost art I want to warn everyone not to lose completely. I want them to say when they read it, "I miss that. Why don't we do that anymore?" For you see, in these days we work late, watch TV, take our food to our rooms, or just eat before we get home and we lose one of the most important things we need- table talk.