Friday, May 10, 2013

The Prodigal Son

  I had not seen my son for about five years. When he drove into the driveway a week ago, I was overjoyed! I, like the father in the Gospel account of Jesus', went up to my son, Gary, and gave him a big hug. There is nothing like this, no other circumstance that I can describe to you that has in it such great emotion and gladness in it. And I know that if you are a parent, you know what I mean.

  We have been talking at least once a month on the phone. The range of topics is not entirely large and mostly focus on the trials of the day, the concerns we have for our country, and our children. He is a good father.

  But the one topic that seems to re-occur is the one of my web page. My non-existent web page. The problem is that we are never together long enough for him to develop it. We need to be together in order for it to form, and now I can now tell you- it is in the works! When it is done you will be able to find it at :

  Yes, I am now "C.A. Fiebiger". No more just the average, plain-old,  "Craig" Fiebiger, but the mysterious, unique and cultured, C.A. Fiebiger. I didn't think of it- it was my son who said I need to be C.A. I must confess that I think it has a certain ring to it. I think...

  But that isn't the best part of his coming here. No- oh no. The best part, (except for him being here of course) is that he has put together a cover for my first book: "The Baker And Malachi". It is seriously cool. I knew he was creative, but this only confirmed that which I already knew about my wonderful son, that I am most proud of the man he has become.

  I'm not going to put it on my facebook page nor on the Curse of the Eraser group page until he has more of the website finalized. You'll just have to wait- until my cool, talented, wonderful son is done with it. Thank you God for allowing me to see him again, even if it may be for just a short while.