Sunday, December 11, 2011

"It's been a long time a brewin' "

  It's been a while- I know. I have been so focused on writing the last book of the Eraser series I have been neglecting to keep up the "keeping up". I'll tell you this, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this last book. To carry the Palmer family as far as they have gone has been a wonderful challenge. It has also been time and emotionally exhausting. I say this because of my trek out to see a friend after church today. I should be content even though it is so.

  My friend is 93 year old, Verlan Ferrar. I'm her elder from church- even though she is 33 years my senior. Within the past six months her life has changed dramatically. She has been an example to me today once again. She has listened to approximately 150+- of my sermons; complimenting me on some; not saying a word about others. That I have never cared about. What I have cared about was the fact that she has been an example of God's grace working amongst us- specifically me. Today she solidified that in my mind, showing me that life is what you make it- no matter what the circumstance.

  Todays' bulletin cover has on it "Rejoice", a theme from the Christmas season. What I saw today was her lack of remorse or sadness for the radical changes the fall she had last summer has brought upon her life. She seemed content to know most of her things had been disposed of in different manners- mostly sold or given away. She seemed content that her foot had taken all of this while to mend from the break and that maybe next time she saw the doctor she could get rid of the ankle brace. She seemed content to know she would never return to the facility she had been living at before the fall and she would be in a nursing home the rest of her life. She seems- content.

   Therefore, once again, I have learned. I have re-learned that I should slow down and not worry about how long it takes me to finish the series and get it published. It may or may not ever be that. So in the mean while I am content. Content in knowing God is with me, just like He is with my friend, Verlan.

  Thank you, my friend.