Sunday, December 15, 2013

Waiting for His coming.

  You'll have to check for me, but I think that I have usually had a post in December to bring to mind the Holy Day of Christmas. As I have contained my thoughts to once a month or so, in order that I don't overwhelm you with more posts than you can take, (many people have a daily blog, which I guess is great if that many people think you are adorable) I'm going to do a repeat of my December practice.

  Christmas. These days, often dreaded by adults, greatly anticipated by children, and loved by retailers. Christmas. In days of old, greatly anticipated by adults, dreaded by kings, and loved by prophets. Christmas. For me, the exercise of patience of the second coming, which today, I suspect, is more than ever in the prayers of the elect.

  Why do I say this? Because like men of old, we who know the promises of God to those that love Him, we are no different than them. We wait. And wait. And wait- some more- in a time that is full of signs in the heavens of the coming of the Son of God. We, the elect, all know the Word says that signs in the heavens will be one of the great signs of His coming, just as it said to the Wise Men from the East. In that respect, we are no different, for astronomers say we are in for some very distinct things coming in the heavens. (Such as four blood moons that fall on the coming Jewish festivals.) Not to mention some of the things that have been happening lately. Like comet Ison; the increase in the Geminids; other blood moons; the asteroid in Russia and the list could go on. And that is the biggest reason I write this- there is SO MUCH.

  And its not only the signs in the heavens that are to be a sign. It is also the signs on the earth. The seeming unraveling of our society. The unraveling of governments, small and great. The civil unrest all over the world. The greater number of poor, rampant greed on all levels of society, (including amongst the poor, and I have to say all men commit that sin) earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, wars and rumors of wars- the list is not a partial one- it is a complete one. However there is one thing missing- the anti-christ.

  For many, the absence of and revealing of, and presence of one man is what has kept Jesus from coming back. According to some theologians, the anti-christ must be revealed in the Temple before the great and horrible day of the Lord. But what if that went by so quickly no one noticed? And, of course, it all depends on if there will be a thing called the rapture. That throws all of it out of whack. For me, it doesn't matter, because for me also, the signs leading up to this last item are all complete, like I said. It is only a matter of time.

  The Palmers in Curse of the Eraser, believed the same and waited; just like all of us. I guess, that is, if you are waiting, and hoping, just like men of old... and what if something were to happen on His so-called birthday? What if He came when men did not expect? Like on- His birthday? What if something appeared on the horizon that precipitated a return so unexpected, that it took us all by surprise? What if?

   Are you waiting and hoping this Christmas? If that is the case for you- Merry Christmas.