Saturday, June 30, 2012


  It is almost the fourth of July- the celebration of the genesis of our country- the land of the free and home of the brave. It used to be that way. When you speak with people of the "Greatest Generation", they will tell you this is not the America they grew up in. They notice a change. A significant change, where somehow freedom and bravery are non-existant. Because, the two go together.

  The problem is- no one wants to talk about it. The subject has been branded too political. Why? Because in order to be free one must be brave. Brave enough to speak out about what is true. The question is- what is truth? That is why no one is talking about it. The fact that today in our politically correct world- everything is true. Your truth is just as valid as my truth. There is no ultimate truth, because God has been removed from the equation. His truth, ultimate truth, no longer counts. When men no longer are brave enough to speak out for what they know to be true in God's word- everything changes. They are no longer free- bound by slavery to a system created by those that have been brave enough to spread the lie. The lie of Satan.

  What is that you might ask? This lie of Satan? Quite simply, it is the opposite of whatever God's Word says. The contrast is black and white, but brought in by shades of grey that have felled what was once our great land. The lie starts as something little, spreading ominously as somerthing we raise our eyebrows as and dismiss as inconsequential. But it is not. It matters, because like cancer it will spread and finally- kill. That is why men won't talk about it. That is why men are no longer brave. That is why we are no longer -free.

  The Palmers realized this way back in 1792 when they settled on the land in Madison County, New York. That- men must be brave and speak to the truth of the gospel. That brave men must put on the armor of God and repel that lie of Satan and those that follow him or all will be lost- our freedom will be lost. In Curse of the Eraser, these brave pilgrims knew the truth and what must be done to continue to be free. They were thankful to God and expressed it in their devotion to His truth, bravely defending their families, their freedoms and their country. Ironically, all being accomplished with the weapon of the Eraser- once meant to curse them. And they stuck it out until the end.

  Where have all the brave men gone? Ask the "Greatest Generation". They don't know either.   


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Secure Fathers

  Looking back, I know that I have been influenced by many people- fathers especially. There have been few that have been a positive role model. Sadly, most of the men have been just the opposite and models that I have said, "I don't want to be like that when I grow up." Fortunately, I have not grown up and when I first meet someone, I still look at the man's character to see if he is the kind of person I want to be around. I won't list those qualities. You can figure it out yourself. You know. You can see it instantly. Its why Jesus was so popular and why the crowds followed Him.

  Not to say that we men can be perfect like Jesus. We can't. We are all sinners. We never seem to grow up- no matter what our age is. That's the problem today. It seems the paths that Jesus has placed us on have somehow been sidetracked and lead to one place- self. And if I see a man that has arrived at the end of that path- I know I will have difficulty being around him. Not to say I couldn't try to be his friend, but it would take more effort. For usually men become secure in whatever path they find themselves on, even if it is one that leads them the wrong way, only because they feel good there, secure there.

  But is that where Christ would want us to end up? I'd say- NOT! He wants us to be like Him. To be compassionate, yet firm, with love and respect for our wives, sons and daughters. Most of all to be humble and loving as Christ loved us. This path leads to security- to Him. And it is this kind of man and father that I see as a positive role model. It is one model this man has tried to be, even though I have failed in it and am a sinner. It is the type of man I have tried to portray as the patriarch in each of my Curse of the Eraser series of four books. Fathers that are not secure in the world and its goods, but fathers secure in the love of their families and most of all, secure in the love of Christ.

  Maybe that is best left to fiction like Ward and June Cleaver, or is it?