Sunday, October 30, 2016

Thought of the Day- Calvin and Hobbs

  I sat on the deck in the partial shade this morning, after throwing the ball for the dog, and listening to my friend Roland Wells preach about the rules according to Calvin and Hobbs. (Excellent sermon and I can relate.) 

  I'm sick and the mild breeze felt good. But while I sat there in the peacefulness watching the leaves fall to the ground and join their brittle brethren, I was at rest, away from the rules of this life, basking in the light of the throne of grace, and relying only on faith, apart from the law. It is the essence of the Reformation. I'll rely on that instead of silly games created by boys and tigers. And when I get to eternity, I'll ask the Lord if I can watch leaves fall for maybe 15,000 years, but not in a row, so I can break it up and be in the garden with Him- alone.

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